Somerville Psychotherapist, Counseling in Somerville, Cambridge, and Arlington, MA, Massachusetts - Michael Robbins, M.A., LMHC

As a psychotherapist and consultant I bring a depth of expertise to my work that has been sharpened by almost 30 years of clinical experience. The cornerstone of my work is to help people become fully present in the Here and Now, free from dysfunctional roles, psychological distortions, trauma, and body armoring. To help clients access a free flow of the life force through all levels of their body/mind and in all of their relationships I use a variety of modalities, including mindfulness based therapies, body oriented therapies, systems oriented therapies, existential / psychoanalytic therapy and interpersonal neurobiology. I have also studied and taught Taoist energy practices since 1976 and use a variety of ch'i based healing techniques in my work. I work with individuals, couples, and groups and lead workshops and retreats internationally.

         As an artist and a poet, I am concerned with creating images and literature that open a sense of vitality and possibility, and stimulate reflection on the existential realities of life. I have exhibited my art work both in the United States and Europe and have published a book of poems titled "Love Like This" which may be downloaded for free from this website.



Michael Robbins, LMHC - Licensed Therapist and Psychotherapist providing Counseling and Therapy in Somerville,
Cambridge, and Arlington, MA, Massachusetts


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